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Casa dei Racconti has the good fortune to lie in the centre of a generous region that has so much to offer visitors: famous cities, quaint villages, a countryside with a rich history, walks through nature and little known paths to explore.

The following are just some ideas. But come and see us and tell us what you like, and we promise we’ll find exactly the right places for you.




Your memories of Venice, the city on the water, are ones you will never forget. Even if only passing through, visitors cannot help being enthralled by the city’s beauty and its numerous works of art. Piazza San Marco, Venice’s beating heart, is a major architectural complex named after the famous Basilica di San Marco, the city’s cathedral, with its oriental styling and five Byzantine domes.

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The city of Treviso is worth a visit whatever the season, and should be explored slowly to discover its quaint views and quiet corners, and to experience its tranquil lifestyle. The heart of the city, and the favourite meeting place of local people, is Piazza dei Signori with its famous Palazzo dei Trecento and elegant Loggia Dei Cavalieri.

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With its striking mediaeval and Renaissance architecture, the ancient town of Oderzo in the Province of Terviso still reveals fragments of the once glorious Roman town of Opitergium. Many traces of ancient splendour are to be found in the archaeological museum, one of the oldest in Italy, established in 1876. The museum is housed in the outbuildings of Palazzo Foscolo and contains exhibits from the pre-Roman, Roman and late antiquity periods.

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As with so many of the places and beauty spots of the Venetian hinterland, Portogruaro is a treasure well worth discovering. The town is traversed by the river Lemene and similarities with the nearby city of Venice can be found in every corner.

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A tranquil town on the Upper Adriatic. In addition to its beach, Caorle boasts a rich history that makes it an extremely attractive tourist destination.

Thanks to its strategic position, Caorle was a flourishing port in Roman times and assumed vital importance in the Middle Ages as the key to controlling the flow of goods between the Adriatic and the hinterland.

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Cycling holidays

The ideal base for your holiday on two wheels

The Veneto countryside around Casa dei Racconti is perfect for bicycle trips thanks to its many places of historical interest and natural beauty. Cycling destinations include the Roman bridge at Ceggia, local vineyards, the Piave river and the historic World War 1 route, the Sanctuary of the Madonna in Motta di Livenza, the Olmè woods in Cessalto, the fishing town of Caorle and more besides.

Cycling itineraries

In collaboration with the Vivi La Bici cycling association, which has been active since 2002, we can plan the ideal route for your needs and interests, in harmony with nature and the seasons.

Here are some ideas: